Ear Clear Reviews (Alliance Health) Will It Mute Tinnitus? 2019 Testimonials!

ear clear plus review

Ear Clear Plus is an oral medication and supplement that focuses on treating tinnitus as a brain problem and not an ear one. It does more than just clear tinnitus, but also improve your body and brain since the ingredients have multiple benefits.

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Who is behind the creation of  Ear Clear Plus?

Ear Clear Plus is managed and distributed by Alliance Health. It is a company based in the USA, take note of this for prices, delivery times, and calls.

How much does Ear Clear Plus Retail for?

Ear Clear Plus comes in three different price points depending on the package you buy. The retail price does not include shipping fees, which are free during promotions.

One bottle is sold at $69, an option if you want to use it for a trial basis. For the bundles they vary with three bottles for $177 (which is $59 per bottle) and six bottles for $249 (which is $49 per bottle).

Note that the company is based in the USA so the prices may change every time you purchase because of fluctuating exchange rates. However, whether you are paying more or less the price is steady in USD.

Where can you find Ear Clear Plus?

Ear Clear Plus is not manufactured in bulk. They have limited runs with batches that comes every three months and are sold until supplies last.

You will not find it in any major stores like Amazon or Walmart. You can only purchase them from the website: https://tinnitustrick.com/vsl/DiscountOfferHearing and receive your order within five days.

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How does Earl Clear Plus Work?

Tinnitus is not just about having a damaged ear drum. It can also be about the damaged synapses in your brain whose faulty connection causes the ringing in your ear.

Ear Clear Plus has ingredients that improve that path. After it repairs the damaged connection it moves to improving and preventing brain related issues from wear and tear or age.


What are the active ingredients in Ear Clear Plus?

There are many active ingredients in Ear Clear Plus from extracts of plants like hibiscus, green tea, buchu leaves, olive leaves, hawthorn berry, juniper berry, and garlic. All of which have properties to calm, repair, rejuvenate, and protect your brain.

There are also vitamins improve the brain efficiency like B3, B12, B6, and vitamin C.

How do you use Ear Clear Plus?

Ear Clear Plus is an oral supplement. The recommended dosage is two capsules every day.

There are no further instructions about how you should take the two, one in the morning and one at night versus two in one go. So, select the option that best suits your lifestyle, preferably in a set up where you will not forget.

It is also advised to be take for at least thirty days to ensure that the connections have time to heal and improve.

What are the selling points of Ear Clear Plus?

The advantage of Ear Clear Plus is treating the ringing and buzzing you hear, the benefits ripple outwards, which means you are more relaxed and can have an active social life. It also improves bowel movement and digestion.

Tinnitus is can irritate and distract those who suffer from it which means they are hypersensitive, not only to sounds, but anything that is mildly irritating. Without tinnitus, they can get the right amount of rest to live a stress-free life.

It is also reported to prevent hearing loss and improve the quality of hearing. However, these are not explained and occur in isolated cases.

What should you look out for when using Ear Clear Plus?

There are different kinds of tinnitus and Ear Clear Plus is meant for those who suffer from chronic tinnitus. If your ears have been ringing for more than seven days and have no problems with your ears.

For those who are experiencing tinnitus for seven days along with high fever, put this product on hold first and consult your doctor. Experiencing tinnitus for the first time along with those symptoms could mean meningitis and would require heavy medication, maybe even surgery.

What are the Disadvantages of Ear Clear Plus?

There are no disadvantages for Ear Clear Plus health-wise expect for a few due to everyone being unique.

The only disadvantage is that because of their commitment to natural and rare ingredients, the price is more than your average multi-vitamin. It is also not the most accessible product since they are not found in stores.

When can I see the results of Ear Clear Plus?

There are three stages where you can feel the results. The first stage happens 3-4 days after taking the medication, the ringing is still there but you should notice an improvement.

After 2 weeks the ringing should be unnoticeable, can you can participate in activities you have given up due to the loud environment. At 6 weeks, they claim that your tinnitus should be gone and you can live your best life with an improved brain.

Are there any side effects when using Ear Clear Plus?

There are no reported side effects of Ear Clear Plus. If there were any it could be target to those who have strong allergies with specific ingredients in the pills with all the berries and herbs.

When in doubt about your compatibility with the pill, cross reference the ingredients listed earlier or consult your doctor. You can also contact their customer support team about more specific questions.

Where do you forward your concerns for Ear Clear Plus?

When you have any questions and concerns about the product, you can reach them via their contact page on their website: tinnitustrick.com/contact/. Fill out the necessary information and wait for them to get back you within the next 48 hours.

Filling out the contact information can be too much work for some. You can also directly contact them through email: [email protected]

If you prefer speaking to someone over using email, you can call their toll-free number: 855-480-5044. Take note that the company is based in the USA, so call during their office hours which are 9 AM-5:30 PM during weekdays and 9 AM-1PM (Pacific Standard Time) during the weekends.

Ear Clear Plus Review—Final Verdict

Ear Clear Plus is a product you should use if you are suffering from chronic tinnitus. However, even if you do not have that problem it is a great supplement to improve brain activity.

It is an all-natural product. However, that does not mean you will not have problems or suffer from allergies.

When in doubt, consult your doctor about your concerns or contact their team for more information.

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